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Zong Internet Packages: One of the other latest services that you can use Zong Internet Packages that is the first telecom services to introduce the first 4G in Pakistan using Zong Network. This is the amazing offers that are the fastest internet services having the variety of networks like the famous Zong 3G and Zong 4G packages that you can choose own your choice and pay it in the form of Astro Bills. This is the best form of telecommunication services that have reduced the distance in a limited way and also perform blazing fast internet services.

you can use in the very corner of Pakistan and talk with their friends, relatives, and friends using the Pakistan Telecommunication authority for Zong Internet Packages. The Zong 4G in Pakistan is named as best part of internet services with having some features that every network have its own to maintain and manage their network speed with the effective way. That is why it is becoming one of the telecoms networks that are increasing very potentially through Pakistan.

Types of Zong Internet Packages Mode

There are two types of mode this provide by the Zong Internet Packages which is followed as;

  • Free Mode Zong Internet Packages
  • Data Mode Zong Internet PackagesZong Internet Package

The services for the Zong Internet Packages define without any balance you can use the Free Mode Zong Internet Packages for which you will be able to have the post, status, like, comments, chat and friend request or other facilities. While if you are using Data Mode services then you can watch Hd videos such as live streaming, HD photos and external links etc.

Daily Zong Internet Packages

If you are the user of internet and wants to have such type of internet packages that provide you amazing tips then this is the best option for you to choose the Zong Internet Packages. You can use the frequent internet connection for the random days than to use the best Zong Internet Packages. You can use daily, weekly and monthly bundles then you can easily surfing your time on the web and can chat or make a video call using Daily Internet package offer and spend time with your loved ones and friends in very less cost of times.

Bundle-NameBundle PriceBundle VolumeBundle Validity
Daily Mini bundlesRs. 05201 Day
Daily Basic bundlesRs. 151001 Day
Daily Premium Bundles Rs. 252001 Day
Daily Data Max BundlesRs. 325001 Day
Daytime Offer BundlesRs. 121GB4am to 4pm

Weekly Bundles of Zong Packages

Weekly Bundles packages that are using most of the people and take this opportunity out of all the others people that is the best option because in the full week you can easily use the is the best option for those who are the regular user of the internet. To use the Zong Internet Packages is really very effective because it is much cost efficient that offers you the great volume of data, video stream, audio stream and other facilities to establish the connection in one week and enjoy the whole week with their relatives without any worrying.

Bundle-NameBundle PriceBundle VolumeBundle Validity
Weekly Premium70700MB7 Days
Super Weekly1002GB7 Days
Super Weekly Plus1303GB7 Days
Mega Weekly1604GB7 Days
Bundle-NameBundle PriceBundle VolumeBundle Code
Zong Shandaar WeeklyRs. 75350Dial *7#
Additional1000 On-Net Minutes50 Off-Net Minute1000SMS to All Networks

Monthly Zong Internet Packages

People take interest to watch the daily updates and suffer any time to the Facebook that is used with the help of Zong Internet Packages just use the 4G Zong network. That is the unique feature and allows the customer to stay connected with Facebook in the zero balance every month that is a very convenient way to use this special offer. The user can enjoy this facility only has the Zong Network that has really full features mode like you can comment, likes, chat, and check-ins and also send a friend request just in the low cost of Zong Internet Packages.

Bundle-NameBundle PriceBundle VolumeBundle Validity
Monthly Mini 150 BundleRs. 50150MB30 Days
Monthly Basic 500 BundleRs. 150500MB30 Days
Monthly Premium 3GB BundlesRs. 3003GB30 Days
Monthly Premium 10GB BundlesRs. 60010GB+Free Nights (1GB FUP) 1am to 9am/Daily

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