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Ufone Internet PackagesUfone Internet Packages: The progress in the field of Ufone network is increasing day by day as in Ufone Internet Packages technology makes easier to stay connected with their friends, relatives, families and loved ones anywhere in the world. This special offer is sustained on Aaj News TV Live for the unlimited place and every people can have this opportunity that is very useful because 3G internet packages are available in every corner of the world as well as it is such a way that reduced the distances using the 3G/4G technology of Ufone Network.

All type of internet packages is availing every user that is here in the suitable rates of telecoms companies. Most of the people have awareness about the Ufone Internet Packages and through this facility, it is the 3rd mobile network company that is available in Pakistani market. But most of the people have no any awareness that Ufone is the Pakistani GSM cellular service provider that has over 25 million users that subscribed 10,000 networks on the converge location of Pakistan.

  • Ufone Weekly 3G Internet Packages
  • Ufone Monthly 3G Internet Packages
  • Ufone Daily Social Data Internet Packages
  • Ufone postpaid 3G/4G Internet Packages
  • Ufone prepaid 3G/4G Internet Packages
  • Ufone Mobile Internet Packages

Ufone Internet Packages

Ufone Packages NameDaily Light
Package PriceRs. 10 include tax
Free Data40 MB’S
Activation Code*2256#
Package Validity24 Hours
Can SubscribeAnyone

 Weekly Internet Ufone Internet Packages

When you are going to applying Ufone Internet Packages then it must be necessary to note down all the time validation for a status code of Weekly Internet Packages. that is very fast and efficient way to relax for one week and use  All the 3G Ufone intent packages are available for every of the customer. but having this opportunity it is the best option to subscribed all the weekly Ufone Internet package. if you want To check the remaining balances then daily status code to detective Ufone Internet Packages dial *7701#.

Bucket NamePriceVolume (MB)Subscription CodeFreebies
Weekly LightRs.50250 MB*7811#Facebook, Twitter, Whats App, Line
Weekly HeavyRs.125500 MB*7815#Facebook, Twitter, Whats App, Line
Weekly SuperRs.1001024 MB*220#

Ufone Daily Internet User Packages

If you are a subscriber of the daily package for Ufone Network then it is recommended you to use the packages to make the connection with their friends by active on social media network. The activation code for Ufone 3-Day 3G Internet Packages is #804# to be as daily 3G packages on the validity of 24 hours. Most of the services for Daily Internet are follows as;

Bundles NamePriceVolumeTimingSubscription CodeFreebies
Daily Light bundlesRs.1040 MB24 Hours*2256#Facebook, Twitter, Whats App, Line
Daily Heavy bundlesRs.1575 MB24 Hours*2258#Facebook, Twitter, Whats App, Line
Special Daily offerRs.0550 MB01 AM- 09 PM*3461#Facebook, Twitter, Whats App, Line
Mega Internet offerRs.122048 MB1 AM – 6 AM*550#
  • Daily light Ufone bundles
  • Daily Heavy Ufone Bundles
  • Special Daily Ufone Bundles
Bundles NamePriceVolumeTimingSubscription CodeFreebies
3 Day BundlesRs.25100 MB24 hours*3350#Facebook, Twitter, Whats App, Line

Ufone 3G Monthly Internet Packages

Two types of a 3G monthly package available that is offered by Ufone network one is Monthly Light Bucket and second is Weekly Heavy Bucket. For the weekly light bucket package, you need to dial *7811# on the validity of 24 hours and get 250Mbs. And to become the subscriber of Weekly heavy bucket require dialing the status code of *7815# on the validation of 24 hours. That is really wonderful offer as the user of Ufone. You can use this service at any time of the day or fortnight but the care of the time validation and expiry date.

Bundles NamePriceVolume (MB)Subscription CodeFreebies
Monthly Bundles OfferRs.50250 MB*7811#Facebook, Twitter, Whats App, Line
Monthly Heavy  BundlesRs.125500 MB*7815#Facebook, Twitter, Whats App, Line
Monthly Super BundlesRs.1001024 MB*220#

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