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Jazz Call Packages Offer – List Jazz Daily, Weekly, Monthly Call Service – PakNts

Jazz Call Packages: Mobilink is one of the best telecommunication network companies in Pakistan that is providing a lot of call packages with using the fastest speed internet services that is a very big promotion and we use in normal routine life. And now at that time, it is merged in all the Pakistan has a variety of facilities that are providing on-net, off-net, messages and internet packages and on the verification of NADRA CNIC.

The range of Jazz Call Packages and that you can use in the mobile operator of Pakistan. Not only the Jazz Call Packages you can have but also in the comparison of daily, weekly and monthly packages to covers the unlimited distance by having all these opportunities demands and the customer of  Call and data bundles is increasing day by day.

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Daily Jazz Call Packages

Jazz is the largest telecoms network that reduced the distance with over the million subscriber uses this opportunity. People want to get the type of network that provides a lot of services at less cost using Daily Jazz Call Internet Packages.

Daily Bundles NamePriceMinutesValiditySubscription CodeUn-subscribe codeStatus Code
Mobilink On-Net Day BundlesRs. 10Unlimited On-Net packages, 20MBs, and 150 SMS1 Day (12 AM – 7 PM)*340#*340*4#*340*2#
Mobilink Super BundlesRs. 14250 Jazz + Warid Minutes1 Day (Till Midnight)*212#*212*4#*212*2#
Mobilink Har Din BundlesRs. 21.51On-Net 500 Minutes1 Day*114*4#*114*4*4#*114*4*2#
Mobilink 12-Ghantay BundlesRs. 6On-Net 250 Minutes1 Day (12AM – 12PM)*281#*281*4#*281*2#
Mobilink Super BundlesRs. 10Free calls and SMS for 1 Super F&F Number1 Day*141*F&FNumber#N/A*141*2#

And for these different types of Jazz network  packages available for the call package but mostly all have its feature and importance that other network cannot have same as  Jazz Call Packages that has the variety of Daily packages services also have monthly or weekly Call Packages by paying recharge in the limited amount that every person can deserve easily.

Weekly Call Offer packages

The fantastic recreation offer that is described by the Jazz Network by using the Jazz Weekly packages for all those customers who has any type of awareness about Jazz. If you bought the brand of Jazz then you have an option to subscribe all the offers given on allocated daily basis for 7 days which is really big opportunity and you can easily use this service with the free minutes and most is affordable.

Weekly Bundles NamePriceMinutesValiditySubscription CodeUn-subscribe CodeStatus Code
Haftawar Bundles OfferRs. 75700 Jazz + Warid Minutes, 70MBs and 700 SMS1 Week*407#*407*4#*407*2#

   Monthly Call Packages Bundles

This offer is just for the limited time such as if you want to have the Jazz Call Packages on net bundles then from 12 AM to 7 AM is a limited time. After the time end, the package will automatically end. Daily Packages for on net call is required just Rs.10 at a per day amount. The limited offer for the specific time offer for the 30-Day with the activation for the validity to deactivate packages time and status for Monthly Call Packages or put the key code what type of packages you want to apply for any companies just following the terms and condition to apply on your mobile phone and use the wonderful offer of Jazz Call Packages.

Monthly Bundles NamePriceMinutesValiditySubscription CodeUn-Subscribe CodeStatus Code
Monthly Hybrid BundlesRs. 3706000 Jazz + Warid Minutes1 Month*430#*430*4#*430*2#
Har 30 Second BundlesRs. 6Rs. 0.78/30 Sec (On-Net)
Rs. 0.78/30 Sec (Off-Net)
1 Month*750#*750*4#*750*2#

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