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Jazz 3g/4g Devices Packages: Jazz is considered first Telecommunication company which is provided by the Jazz network services in the Pakistan that made great progress even that it is also a first GSM-based mobile operator in the south Asia that is also now offered outside that is really amazing and cheapest Jazz 3g/4g Devices Packages to subscribed and corporate with Bise Key PTV Sports Live related to Jazz network.

Jazz take one step about providing Internet packages is the leading with telecommunication services on the mobile phone which is really bringing innovation telecom product in the country. You would be amazed to now that just in Pakistan few areas the user of Jazz Internet Packages of Jazz 3g/4g Devices Packages over 52 million of the subscriber in almost the period of 20 years that is big services in Pakistan available. Either now it is promoted very speedily now it has available on the SIM or on Wi-Fi 4G devices.

  • Jazz Daily Internet Packages
  • Jazz 3 Day Internet packages
  • Jazz Weekly Internet Packages
  • Jazz Monthly 3g/4g Internet Packages
  • Jazz Mobile Internet Packages for 3g/4g
  • Jazz postpaid 3g/4g Internet Packages
  • Jazz Broadband Devices Internet PackagesJazz 3g/4g Devices Packages

Jazz Internet Packages – Terms & Conditions

  • All the prices for packages are applicable to include tax.
  • All the MBBs internet bundles should be auto-subscribed to have it.
  • All the bundles are also available in the form of Data Sim and can operate at that on two SIM or more.
  • To check the remaining MBBS and validity have no any charges but a status code for dial is totally free.
  • Jazz 3g/4g Devices Packages

Jazz Daily 3g/4g Devices Internet Packages

Variety of Jazz 3g/4g Devices Packages is available on the mobile phone for the daily data experience having versatile packages. Then this is the best option to select any daily packages for the satisfaction of internet need. Two types of daily Jazz internet packages you can get. The first is daily social in the charges of Rs.7.0 have data volume 50 MBs for Whatsapp and Facebook on the validity of 24 hours. And for the daily browser in the charges of 12.00 having data volume 50 Mbs in the validity of 24 hours.

 Daily Bundles NameChargesVolume (MB)Validity activation Code Status Code
Daily Social BundlesRs. 7500 MB (Facebook and WhatsApp)1 Day*114*5#*114*5*2#
Daily Browser BundlesRs. 1250 MB1 Day*117*11#*117*11*2#
 Daily Bundles NameBundle PriceBundle Volume (MB)Bundle Validity Activation CodeStatus Code
3 Day Extreme BundlesRs. 18500 MB3 Days (From 2AM – 2PM)*114*14#*114*14*2#
3 Day Browser BundlesRs. 25100 MB3 Days*117*1#*117*1*2#

Jazz Weekly 3g/4g Devices Internet Packages

Some people to get the awareness of Jazz 3g/4g Devices Packages and to fulfill these requirements Jazz offers the Weekly internet bundles data experience. All the 2G/3G and LET networks are available. If you are using these services then in one week you can meet the exact requirements of packages that are given as;

  • Weekly Mega Packages in price Rs.160.00
  • Weekly Premium Packages in price Rs.110.00
  • Weekly Streamer Packages in price Rs.80.00
  • Weekly Music Bundles in price Rs.90.00
  • Weekly Browser Packages in price Rs.55.00
 Weekly Bundles NameBundle PriceBundle Volume (MB)Bundle ValidityActivation Code Status Code
Weekly Browser BundlesRs. 55300 MB7 Days*117*3#*117*3*2#
Weekly Streamer BundlesRs. 80700 MB7 Days*117*7#*117*7*2#
Weekly Mega BundlesRs. 1603000 MB7 Days*159#*117*14*2#
Weekly Premium BundlesRs. 1101500 MB7 Days*117*47#*117*47*2#

Jazz Monthly 3g/4g Devices Internet Packages

Jazz internet packages offer its user to get the verity of bundles that are very beneficial and can be used for a long time with the cheap rates. You can select such type of bundles that satisfy long-term Jazz 3g/4g Devices Packages user requirements. But it should be sure that all the prices for Jazz monthly packages in the form of exclusive of tax.

Services for Jazz Monthly 3g/4g internet packages

  • Monthly Internet Basic 3g/4g Basic in the price of Rs.999.00
  • Monthly Internet Regular 3g/4g Basic in the price of Rs.1500.00
  • Monthly Internet Heavy 3g/4g Basic in the price of Rs.2500.00
Monthly Bundles NameChargesVolume (MB)Validityactivation Code Status Code
Monthly Browser Bundles Rs. 1602000 MB30 Days*117*77#*117*77*2#
Monthly Streamer Bundles Rs. 2503000 MB30 Days*117*31#*117*31*2#
Monthly Premium BundlesRs. 5007000 MB30 Days*117*30#*117*30*2#
Monthly Supreme Bundles Rs. 8008000 MB30 Days117*32#*117*32*2#
Monthly Extreme BundlesRs. 1255000 MB30 Days*117*34#*117*34*2#

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